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The Center for Human Enhanced Secure Systems (CHESS) was established in Fall 2004 to foster interdecplinary research is computer security.
The center is a part of the University of Maryland Institute for Advances Computer Studies (UMIACS).

CHESS researchers investigate computer security at all levels ranging from: developing new ways to write and test software, analysis of Network and Wireless security, and investigation of public policy and
economic implications of secure systems.

The unifying theme of our work is an emphais on the human aspects of computer security be it a programmer, a system adminitrator, a CIO, or an elected offical.

Faculty affiliated with CHESS work in four main thrust areas:

o Code Analysis and Development
o Database Security & Information Management
o Network & Wireless Security
o Policy & Management

The Fall 2005 CHESS Seminar will meet on Fridays at 10:00 AM in 3258 AV Williams. Most of the slides from last semester's talks are now on line.
A Game Theory Reading Group has formed to talk about the applications of Game Theory to Computer Security.
Chess faculty member Min Wu was featured in a Washingtonitan article on "20 young people to watch in 2005 and beyond".
William Arbaugh was part of a team that investigated electronic voting machine security and found serious flaws. NPR, the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun, and Wired magazine report on their findings.
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